The Story

Photographer, Gail Wiener, started taking “letter” photographs in 2007 – when a year of extensive traveling came about while her family hosted an exchange student from Spain. Every city they visited provided wonderful letter opportunities… and so began her obsession of searching for alphabet letters in everything and everywhere!  Before she knew it, she had so many letters that it only made sense to turn it into a business.

It has always been her goal to have letters that are easy to read, consistent in size (nobody else seems to do this), as well as beautiful. Many letters were found in architecture, but Gail likes the vintage neon (where you can see the neon element) and painted letters just as much. Her “letter expeditions” have taken her from Boston to San Francisco and many cities in between… NYC, Cincinnati, Chicago, Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Kansas City just to name a few.

Our website, if we may we boast, has one of the largest selections of letter photographs. The bulk of the letter choices are in color because we have found that the majority of our customers prefer the letters in color.  We also think it sets us apart from our competitors.  If you really like the look of classic B&W, don’t worry, we have put in a few of our favorites of each letter for you to choose from.  So take a look, get creative on the Art Board (very user friendly), and start designing! We hope you enjoy creating something meaningful for yourself, your family, or a friend. We guarantee that whoever gets it, will love it!

Photo Letters …Any word is possible! 


4 Steps to a Photoword
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Try out different letters.
Finalize your photo letter word and purchase!
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